TLD/Years IN Registrations
Per Year
IN Renewals/transfer
Per Year
.CO.IN Registrations
Per Year
.CO.IN Renewals/transfers
Per Year
1st Year Rs.449 ( vaild till 31 Dec ) Rs.499 Rs.399 Rs.399
2 Years Rs.450 Rs.450 Rs.369 Rs.369
3 Years Rs.430 Rs.430 Rs.359 Rs.359
4 Years Rs.410 Rs.410 Rs.335 Rs.335
5 Years Rs.399 Rs.399 Rs.319 Rs.319
6 Years Rs.389 Rs.389 Rs.289 Rs.289
7 Years Rs.369 Rs.369 Rs.279 Rs.279
8 Years Rs.359 Rs.359 Rs.259 Rs.259
9/10 Years Rs.320/299 Rs.320/299 Rs.249/239 Rs.249/239

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